Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green v1.1 Patch

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Este patch inclue correções de bugs, novos mapas multiplayer, um editor de fases, e mais.

GHell - http://www.gamershell.com/download_11558.shtml

- Hit detection on bodyparts improved
- Shotgun at extremely close range improved
- Added "Host disconnected" message for clients when the host
unexpectedly disconnects
- Increased "Say" characters from 25 to 40
- "Say" messages stay on the screen longer
- Max 8 "Say" messages instead of 4 on screen at once
- Version # on main menu screen "v1.1"
- Increased max players in CTF to 14
- Increased max players in Invasion to 6
- Increased max time limits for all multiplayer game types to 2
- TDM and CTF Scores are now centered
- Added more CTF score options (3,4). Previously was only 1,2,5,10.
- Mouse clicks no longer "go through" settings menus
- Map rotation order bug fixed
- Server list disappearing bug fixed
- More difference between medium and high detail settings.
Medium detail now has less quality but better performance.
- Ch08 (sniper level) script fix: Less chance Otis will get
- New Invasion map (INRiver) - New CTF map (CTFRiver)
- New Deathmatch level (DMRiver)
- LOTD Editor included (Not officially supported)
- Custom maps will automatically download from host
- Dedicated server option (via command line)
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