Sony vai comprar a Rockstar?

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We've been hearing several reports for a couple of weeks now saying that after the release of the much-anticipated video game Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3), Rockstar Games is not only developing a new franchise for Sony consoles but is going Sony exclusive all the way.

Given those talks, it's not impossible if the next thing we hear about is Rockstar Games being absorbed by Sony. And that's exactly what PlayStation Universe is saying right now. One correspondent of the said fan site reported:

Various sources in the press and development team state that Sony is looking to take Rockstar "under their wings". While we learned that any agreement Sony and Take-Two entered into would not affect the upcoming Grand Theft Auto IV...

Such an agreement would presumably affect any future releases from Rockstar, including the new franchise Sony has been discussing and L.A. Noire, which looks likely to be a PS3 exclusive at this point as well.

However, we believe that there are a lot of things to consider first before taking this piece to be true. First, the controversial game Manhunt 2 is still in limbo and aside from that, it's hard to believe that Take-Two Interactive is going to let go of its top asset that easily.

It should be remembered that the publisher just recently fixed its internal problems and losing Rockstar would mean the world to them. As of this writing, Rockstar Games or any of the companies involved for that matter has yet to give an official announcement.

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Estamos ouvindo várias notícias dizendo que depois do lançamento do muito esperado GTA IV (XBox e PS3) Rockstar Games não só vai desenvolver novos produtos para consolas Sony como vai ser exclusivamente para a Sony.
Depois de ver essas noticias não é dificil entender que a proxima coisa a acontecer seja a compra da Rockstar games por parte da sony. E isso é o que Playstation Universe está dizendo agora. Um correspondente de torcedores da PS3.
Várias fontes na imprensa dizem que Sony está tentando comprar Rockstar. Todo esse acordo Take-Two/Sony nao alterará o lançamento do GTA IV.
Um acordo desse iria afetar todos os futuros lançamentos da Rockstar, sendo que estes seriam, exclusivamente para o console da Sony.
Porém toda essa notícia pode nao ser levada a serio, pois o controverso jogo Manhunt 2 é ainda um pecilho, é dificil acreditar que Take-Two Interactive vai deixar assim tao facil os seus direitos.
à relevante recordar que a Take-Two recentemente resolveu seus problemas internos e perder Rockstar significaria o fim. Ate agora ninguem confirmou nada oficialmente.

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