Superfighters Deluxe Pre-alpha 1.2.1

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Recentemente foi lançada uma nova versão de superfighters deluxe, com esta atualização se inclui:

Added a new tile called "SpawnUnknown" which will spawn a random object when the map loads.
Reworked the existing (official) maps to utilize random object spawning.
Map editor: Most tiles can now be resized, allowing you to create long stretches of one tile type quickly and decreasing the need to copy and paste tiles.
Removed the pistol and grenades from the default loadout so that players start with no weapons by default.
Slightly increased the spawn rate of the pistol and grenades.
Slightly decreased the magnum's fire rate.
Slightly decreased the rocket riding speed.
Changed how data is stored for the "Sky" and "Weather" properties. These values will be reset on maps saved before this update. Sorry!
Map editor: Fixed a bug where the Far background distance was initiated to 1000 (but showed 0).

Na gamevício não se foram mostradas as seguintes atualizações: 1.1.7,1.1.7b,1.1.7c,1.2.0, que podem ser vistas clicando em SPOILER:

New weapon: Bazooka.
New map: Sector 8.
Players can now be gibbed by overkill.
Added tile coloring options in map editor.
Added a "Test Map" option in the map editor (shortcut F5) which allows you to instantly run the map.
Added new impact sounds and effects for materials like wood and metal.
Explosions will no longer damage items through solid tiles.
Added cosmetic fire to explosions (does not cause damage).
You can hide the GUI with the F9 key.
Melee attacks no longer reach through walls.
Projectiles traveling through platforms will only play one effect/sound upon entry.
Guns will now hit enemies standing very close to you.
Some new objects including metal tables and explosive propane tanks.
Fixed a bug causing the manual-aim speed to be faster or slower than intended.
Fixed a bug causing the undo history in the map-editor to be corrupt after saving.
Fixed bugs related to the resolution picker (shortcut F11) and toggle fullscreen (shortcut F12) functions.
Lots of other bug fixes and esthetic changes.
Some optimizations.
Dead players will drop all their equipment upon landing or being gibbed.
Fixed a problem with two rocket-riding players colliding not removing both rockets.
Fixed a crash when a diving player holding another player was gibbed or removed.
Fixed a bug causing .NET 3.5 Framework SP1 to be required by Lidgren.Network.
Gib-parts will no longer spawn underground.
A player who is kicked from the game will disappear instantly instead of dying.
A player who has been AFK from the start of the match will not drop his equipment when killed.
Dropped equipment velocity upon death decreased.
Dropped equipment will despawn after a while.
Fixed a bug causing the "/players" command to not list all players properly.
Fixed a bug causing the game to crash after a player has been removed from the game.
Fixed a bug causing hidden layers in the map-editor to still be visible.
Fixed a bug causing repeated key pressings to be ignored in the main menu.
Trail effects on players no longer appear between portals upon teleportation.
Increased the spawn rate of the bazooka and M60. Updated XNA Framework from version 3.1 to 4.0.
Added a far background layer with a sky and tiles such as mountains and skyscrapers.
Added rain.
Made the snow effect look nicer.
Characters no longer lose their horizontal velocity when shooting, reloading, throwing grenades or swapping weapons in mid-air.
Disarming is now possible while an opponent is drawing a weapon (this includes melee weapons).
Slightly increased punching damage.
Adjusted stun times in melee to reward blocking.
The jump attack and jump kick will now knock opponents down if performed while you are falling down.
The ground kick will now knock enemies down if you are standing slightly above them.
If the ground kick is used several times in a row, it will be put on a cooldown.
Made it harder to dive people off ledges without falling down yourself.
It is now possible to kick while cooking off a grenade.
Added a distance meter when a player is outside the map area.
Removed the white outlines around players.
Made server commands available again. Added a few new ones:
"/setstartitems [item 1] [item 2] [...]" to set the starting equipment of all players. Use the "/items" command to see a full list of items.
"/settime [X]" to set the global game speed, ranging from 0,1 (one tenth of normal speed) to 2,0 (two times normal speed).
Type "/help" for a full list of available commands.
New clothing item: Domino mask.
Map Editor: BgShadow00 can now be resized by changing its Width and Height properties.
Fixed a bug allowing already-dead players to steer while rocket riding.
Fixed a bug causing certain foreground tiles to block explosions.
Fixed a bug causing players to be removed when rocket riding outside the camera bounds.
Fixed a bug causing players to appear at the wrong angle while rocket riding.
Various bug fixes.[/spoiler]
Por fim, ontem dia 17/07/2013, foi lançada uma prévia da próxima atualização, que pelo visto será de grande importância, pois no map editor terá um modo de movimentação automática de objetos, segue a .gif: