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Medieval - Total War - Viking Invasion Submitted by: conner54 Cheatmode: ---------- Enter one of the following codes at the campaign map. [table][b]Efeito[/b] // [b]Código[/b] All your provinces get gold // .mefoundsomeau. All your provinces get silver // .mefoundsomeag. All your provinces get copper // .mefoundsomecu. All your provinces get iron // .viagra. Full map // .matteosartori. 1,000,000 Florins // .deadringer. Fast construction // .worksundays. All units and buildings unlocked // .badgerbunny. Play as the rebels; cannot be undone // .conan.[/table] Debug mode: ----------- Start the game with the "medieval_tw.exe" -ian command. Then, press one of the following keys during game play. [table][b]Efeito[/b] // [b]Teclas[/b] CPU control of game // A God mode; see all regions and units // G AI // I AI // H Tour mode // S Tour mode // [F5] Display panels // [Ctrl] + I[/table]
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