Dica de 143_tg para Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon de PC

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Cheats Press the NUMBERPAD ENTER (the one in the bottom-right corner of the keyboard) to bring up the Console Window. Type the following cheats in and press ENTER to turn on the desired cheat. Código - Efeito refill - Todos os itens rock - Captura base inimiga kit - Change your kit to specified file chickenrun - Granadas galinhas god Commit - Suicidio rumbleoff - Disable constant shaky screen rumbleon - Enable constant shaky screen superman - Invencivel hidecorpse - Hide corpse names gogetem - Hunt down enemies ammo - Muniçao infinita shadow - Invisivel autolose - Lose current mission mark Mark - location on map for teleport mark2 Mark - location on map for teleport run - Move Faster extremepaintball - Modo Paintball loc - Report current location boom - Screen shakes setgama - Set gamma; default is 0.5 names - Show object names eviltwin - Show range of enemies and your team members in meters showtextureprops - Show texture properties for objects squirrelkite - Squirrel Launcher teamsuperman - Time invencivel teamshadow Team - Time invisivel teleport - Teleporte spawn - Teleporte to preset locations unlockhero - Unlock Specialist perf - View debug counters autowin - Ganhar a missão
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