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CHEATHAPPENS.COM AND AGES PRODUCTIONS PRESENTS ============================================== TITAN QUEST : IMMORTAL THRONE +14 MEGA TRAINER ============================================== PUBLIC RELEASE DATE: MARCH 20, 2007 ALSO, DONT FORGET !! DOWNLOAD UPDATES FOR THIS TRAINER AT CHEATHAPPENS.COM HOW TO USE ========== 1. Double click trainer to run (you can do this from anywhere) 2. Load game 3. Press OPTION KEYS for desired effects. 4. ENJOY. NOTE!! ALL OPTIONS ARE TOGGLED ON/OFF with the same key. OPTION USAGE AND NOTES ********************** (PRESS J) - INFINITE HEALTH ///////////// This is a very simple option, you just turn it on and you have infinite health, your health with show 0 in the main character screen just to show you that its activated. (PRESS O) - ZERO ENEMY HEALTH ////////////// Once you have activated this option your mouse pointer becomes a pointer of DOOM for your enemies, place your mouse over an enemy and it will reduce his health to 0, sometimes they will die instantly, other times you need to hit them once. WARNING!! Use this option very carefully if you have summoned creatures because it will reduce their life to 0 if you place your mouse over them. (PRESS U)...INSTANT LEVEL UP ////////////// Activating this option will instantly put your experience points up to the required NEXT level mark, all you have to do is HIT something so that the game triggers its check of the levels and you will level up. As soon as you have levelled up, if you do not turn the option off you will have the required experience again for the NEXT level, this is to enable you to level up very quickly without having to keep pressing a button each time. Turn the option off and you wont level up anymore. (PRESS P)...INFINITE ATTRIB PNTS //////////////// As the options says when this option is selected you will have 100 attribute points placed into your character screen, this will never go down, and UNLIKE OTHER TRAINERS OUT THERE!! you DO NOT!! need to level up to get the points, its all instant. (PRESS F5)...INFINITE SKILL PNTS //////////////// As the above option states again this is very simple, turn this option on and you will have infinite skill points, unfortunately due to the GAME not being very stable if you place skill points into your character before he has reached level one it starts acting very strange, so you will have to level up at least once to get the skill points. (PRESS K)...INFINITE ENERGY ///////////// This is an indentical option to the HEALTH option above only this time it gives you infinite energy, again the counter for energy in your character sheet will register 0 to show that the option is active. (PRESS F6)...NO SKILL RECHARGE /////////////// When you obtain skills from your chosen class this option will remove the RECHARGE time that you have to wait before you can cast it again. You will be able to cast as many as you like with no pause at all, use this with the INFINITE ENERGY option to get the best effect. (PRESS N)...SUPER SPEED /////////// This option will give your character a huge speed boost, you can run around at the speed of light whizzing past all the monsters you like. PLEASE NOTE!!!!!! ================= To get super speed to work you need to turn on the option and THEN go into ur character screen, this is because the only place in the game tied to your speed specicifially is inside the character screen. Once you have clicked onto your char screen just come back out and they will have the speed boost. ALSO NOTE!! =========== To turn the option off you must first turn it off THEN restart ur current game because the speed variables cannot be changed back once recalculated. (PRESS B)...ITEM REQUIRE CLEANER //////////////// This option might sound a bit odd, what it actually does is REMOVE any requirements you need to wear or use an item, just turn the option on and then goto ur character screen move ur mouse OVER the item you want to use and it will remove ALL required abilites such as STRENGTH REQUIRED 56 etc.. etc.. this enables you to use any type of equipment anywhere. (PRESS F2)...INFINITE GOLD ///////////// Another simple options that does what it says on the tin, turn option on and you get lots of gold placed in ur gold stash, it doesnt go down until you turn the option off. (PRESS 0)...DUPE ITEMS /////////// When you activate this it will enable you to dupe any item you have in your inventory, this is how you use it.. 1) Place any item you wish to dupe inside your backpack, thats the large block of squares where you keep the rest of your items, do not leave the item on your character. 2) Go into any shop/merchant and right click to SELL the item to him, the item will be sold and you will get the gold, but the item will not disappear from your backpack, keep doing this as many times as you like, then when you are done, just buy back all the duped items from him, it doesnt cost you any gold because you buy them back for the same price as he paid for them, so now you have a backpack full of the same item.. enjoy. (PRESS F4)...ACCESS ALL SKILLS /////////////// This is a rather amazing option that will enable you to use EVERY skill in the game. All you have to do is once the option is enabled, you can move in and out of any MASTERY by pressing the UNDO MASTERY button that appears, use this with infinite skill points and you can run through every mastery, and click on every skill which will be added to your skill list, right click one of the QUICK SLOTS and you get a list of all the skills you have filled in through all the MASTERYS. (PRESS F7)...INVISIBILITY //////////// Enable this and you simply cannot be seen by enemy monsters. (PRESS F3)...ENEMY TAMER //////////// This is another MOUSE OVER option, enable this option and when you move your mouse over an enemy they will suddenly become friendly.. This is a great option to have some fun with, turn on invisibility then walk into a crowded enemy camp and turn the enemy into friends one by one and watch the whole camp kill each one as you turn them :) ================================================================================== If you want more quality trainers just like this one then make sure you visit [url]http://WWW.CHEATHAPPENS.COM[/url] for all your latest CHEATS,TRAINERS and WALLPAPERS.
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