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Este patch adiciona um novo mapa e campanha Multiplayer, corrige vários bugs, adiciona um botão para ignorar e outras opções para o modo multiplayer do jogo.


Mais Detalhes:

---------------------------------------------------- New Content

Added new Multiplayer Land Skirmish map "Corellian Countdown"

Added new 43 Planet Multiplayer Campaign Map "Lines are Drawn"

---------------------------------------------------- General Issues

Corrected several text issues including the removal of references to the
Venator and missing text.

Corrected an issue that allowed Empire Heroes to be placed on the Death Star.

Corrected an issue that allowed multiple turrets to be built on the same build

Corrected an issue that caused AT-AT's to become stuck when deploying troops
over build pads.

Corrected an issue where AT-AT's would stop moving when tow cabled by Rebel
Speeders allowing players to stop the unit from suffering a successful tow
cable attack.

Corrected an issue in which the Death Star could be sold.

---------------------------------------------------- Multiplayer Issues

Added an "ignore" button to the Internet lobby - Ignored player chat is not
seen in any Internet dialog, and Ignored players are shown in a different color
in the player list.

Corrected several issues that caused quick match to hang indefinitely.

Corrected an issue where quick match would connect more than 2 players to a
game resulting in a sync error. Added "Quality Lights" to the game setup screen to indicate connection
performance between players. Detailed ToolTips will also display when the mouse
cursor is hovering over the "quality" lights.

Added a "test connections" button to the game lobby that allows players to test
out their connections with other players in a match before starting.

GameSpy Arena 1v1 Space Skirmish, 1v1 Land Skirmish and 1v1 Campaign ladders
have been reset due to several stat exploit corrections that have been made.

Corrected an issue that caused CD-Keys to become invalid when playing on
Limited-User Windows profiles.

Corrected an issue for missing map names in the Multiplayer Lobby. Victory movies can now be skipped in multiplayer games. Corrected an issue where player count would display incorrect information like
59/2 when a game is first listed.

Corrected several general connectivity issues with multiplayer improving
connectivity performance.

Client player in a match is now allowed to change color/faction after pressing

Increased Multiplayer stability for LAN and Internet games.

Changed light up buttons to check marks in the Host Game Setup menu.

---------------------------------------------------- Balance Issues

Improved targeting priority for AI when fighting Star Destroyers.

Increased the tractor beam hard point health from 100 to 150 for Star

Increased the Garrison spawn time from 15 seconds to 25 Seconds for most
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