Lançado em 1 de Outubro de 2007
Título: WolfTeam
Lançado em 1 de Outubro de 2007 (Todas Datas)
Perspectiva: Primeira Pessoa
Plataformas: Computador
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Wolf Team is a high-octane MMOFPS that features the ability to transform between Humans and Werewolves. Humans have a vast assortment of weapons at their disposal, giving them an advantage at a distance. Wolves have limited ranged attacks but are much faster, stronger, and more durable than their human counterparts.

The ability to switch between Human and Wolf form at any time adds an element of strategy that is wholly unique to Wolf Team. Players never need worry about running out of...

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos uma sinopse em português para WolfTeam