18 Wheels Of Steel: American Long Haul

Lançado em 3 de Dezembro de 2007
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18 Wheels Of Steel: American Long Haul
Lançado em 3 de Dezembro de 2007 (Todas Datas)
Gêneros: Corridas, Simulator
Temas: Negócios
Plataformas: Computador
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Your American Dream Starts Behind the Wheel of Your Own Big Rig!

North America's open roads await! You ain't working for the Man any more!

You're the owner of your own trucking business and you call the shots. Build your empire one rig at a time to dominate the roadways and outbid the competition. Can you handle the pressure? Your American Dream starts behind the wheel of your own big rig. Bid - May the best man win. Do you take what the company is bidding for a job or do you move on...

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos uma sinopse em português para 18 Wheels Of Steel: American Long Haul


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Requisitos necessários

OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium® 4 1.4 GHz or 100% compatible
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics: 64 MB AGP DirectX® 9 and T&L compatible video accelerator card
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c or later
Hard Drive: 540MB hard drive space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Input: Keyboard and mouse