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PC Item Codes Nota: Para Usar os Códigos primeiro pressione a tecla [ " ] (fica em baixo do ESC), Depois digite "Player.additem xxxxx" (xxxxx - id dos Códigos Abaixo) Items Dawnguard Dragonbone Weapons Dragonbone Dagger 02014fcb Dragonbone Sword 02014fce Dragonbone War Axe 02014fcf Dragonbone Mace 02014fcd Dragonbone Greatsword 02014fcc Dragonbone Battleaxe 02014fc3 Dragonbone Warhammer 02014fd0 Dragonbone Bow 020176f1 Dragonbone Arrow 020176f4 Artifacts Aetherial Crown 0200575a Aetherial Shield 02005759 Aetherial Staff 0200575e Auriel's Bow 02000800 Auriel's Shield 0200284d Bloodstone ChaliceDG 020088eb Dawnguard Rune Axe 0201668c Dawnguard Rune Hammer 02011bad Dawnguard Rune Shield 02011baf Harkon's Sword 020067cf Locket of Saint Jiub 02018b91 Falmer Armor Ancient Falmer Boots 0200c815 Ancient Falmer Crown 0200c814 Ancient Falmer Cuirass 0200c816 Ancient Falmer Gauntlets 0200c817 Falmer Hardened Armor 0200e8de Falmer Hardened Boots 0200e8dd Falmer Hardened Gauntlets 0200e8df Falmer Hardened Helm 0200e8e0 Falmer Heavy Armor 020023e9 Falmer Heavy Boots 020023ef Falmer Heavy Gauntlets 020023ed Falmer Heavy Helm 020023eb Dawnguard Weapons Dawnguard War Axe 0200d098 Dawnguard Warhammer 0200dd55 Dawnguard Armor Dawnguard Armor 0200f3fb (Red) 0200f402 (Grey/Pauldrons) 0200f404 (Grey/Sleeves) Dawnguard Boots 0200f400 Dawnguard Full Helmet 020050d0 Dawnguard Gauntlets 0200f3fe Dawnguard Heavy Armor 0200f3fa (Grey) 0200f3f7 (Grey/Studded) Dawnguard Helmet 0201989e Dawnguard Heavy Boots 02014757 Dawnguard Heavy Gauntlets 02014758 Dawnguard Shield 020150b8 Vampire Armor Note: Vampire Gear may need "03″ as the first two digits, instead of "02″ [Thanks to Anothi] Vampire Armor 020191f3 (Red) 020142c7 (Grey) 020191f2 (Light Grey) Vampire BootsDG 0200b5de Vampire Gauntlets 0201a51f Vampire BootsDG 02019ae1 Vampire Gloves 02019ae3 Vampire Hood 02019ade Vampire Lord Armor 02011a84 Vampire Robes 02019adf Vampire Royal Armor 0200b5db (Red) 020194c5 (Valerica) 02011a85 (Vampire Lord) Recipes Frenzy Poison Recipe 0200f39c Potions Soul Husk Extract 02015a1e Potion of Blood 02018ef3 Redwater Skooma 0201391d Smithing Unique Bone Hawk Amulet 0201aa0b Shellbug Helmet 02012e8a Clothing Moth Priest Blindfold 020047da Moth Priest Robes 020047d7 Moth Priest Sandals 020047d9 Taron Dreth's Robes 02014c03 Additional Weapons Akaviri Sword 02014555 Bloodcursed Elven Arrow 020098a0 Frost Giant Club 02012d14 Prelate's Mace 0201681e Sunhallowed Elven Arrow 020098a1 Zephyr 0200cfb6 Crossbows Crossbow 0200801 Enhanced Crossbow 0200f19e Dwarven Crossbow 0200b647 Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow 0200f19f Amulets Amulet of Bats 0200a2a7 (Improved) 020068ae Amulet of Drain Magicka 0200f4d7 Amulet of Draining Grip 0200e803 Amulet of Mist Form 0200a2a6 Amulet of Supernatural Reflexes 0200a2a8 Amulet of the Empath 0200a2a5 Amulet of The Gargoyle 0200f4d5 Rings Ring of Corpse Curse 0200a2a4 Ring of Draining Claws 0200e7eb Ring of Reanimate Corpse 0200a2a1 Ring of Vampiric Grip 0200a2a2 Ring of The Beast 0200e7fd Ring of the Erudite 0200e7fe Ring of the Gargoyle 0200a2a3 Bone Hawk Ring 02011cf5 [Thanks to the UESPWiki for additional ID Code help.] Anything missing you want to see on our list? Leave us a comment. fonte: [url]http://www.gamefront.com/skyrim-dawnguard-pc-console-item-codes/[/url]
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