Defective Elite controllers $149.99

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This is actually a nice controller but the quality control is questionable for how much it costs. Many of those are shipped with defective parts, and it still happens to this day. Drift issues, loose sticks, broken bumpers, unresponsive d-pad. Here's a compilation of people having a bad time with the controller. Just a warning video. Price is $150 with a 90 days warranty. ------- Credits and sources ------- 96tupac https://youtu.be/Y-x_9znlFV0 Andreas Merk https://youtu.be/l1E37AlsjjE caba https://youtu.be/0hrc_q-VHK0 Charles Pierce https://youtu.be/EREd8RjOZxU Cynnthetic https://youtu.be/3XZew7r2WYo Daniel Maguire https://youtu.be/OyzYkGkwLBI Djmccoy24 https://youtu.be/Z2A7bL1yf1I foley77yt https://youtu.be/GWPxQoAGb8c hiikuu https://youtu.be/Wng904SQcHM jack fry https://youtu.be/vzNSZeFEwLI Jake Flores https://youtu.be/9ZvRYfo5c5I JB1ue https://youtu.be/R2vm9yPAOG0 Kam Woods https://youtu.be/6M-B9vGpdq0 Keith Urien https://youtu.be/hpahOmqb2SQ Michelin Villalobos https://youtu.be/6TFhqrcyE2o MrBountyhunter294 https://youtu.be/t3DaK-3LohY nicklk https://youtu.be/8GGVKscOAfA Noah Plakun https://youtu.be/dabQW4dznig OreO https://youtu.be/PHeNlW6l3-o Perry C https://youtu.be/RpN5rfNjJAM Salvo Garziano https://youtu.be/Kp2CJC-wEAE Stijn De Smedt https://youtu.be/5JbPiApbZY8 thatdrh https://youtu.be/hK3lKSdIPEI THE RED DRAGON https://youtu.be/Ucu0oe5g-zc Travis Pittman https://youtu.be/v8fUqQUd1DI Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Vidoc https://youtu.be/X3E7naRllco
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