Meow Motors (2018)

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Título: Meow Motors Gênero: Casual, Indie, Corrida, Acesso Antecipado Desenvolvedor: ArtVostok Distribuidora: ArtVostok Data de lançamento: 4/jun/2018 ============================== SOBRE O JOGO / ABOUT THE GAME ============================== Meet kitties as the main heroes of the new go-kart racing game! You will play as one of a dozen unique cats memorable for their characters and personality. Overcome difficulties of the tracks drifting through mines and bombs, stop your competitors blasting them with bubble gum and other astonishing weapons. And don't forget to gather power-ups to be the fastest on the track. Tracks consist of three different modes: circle races, drifts and 'strike' mode. In order to win you should use the power-ups, combining them with your skills to use the stored energy. The game has a storyline campaign and local multiplayer (Split-screen game) allowing you to play with up to 4 people on one device. Gather the team, overcome master Duke and discover his scary mystery! While moving through the championship you will get new teammates, cars and power-ups. ======================= INSCREVA-SE / SUBSCRIBE ======================= Youtube: https://goo.gl/gRl8xq Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpadGames Facebook: [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3QuY28vUmRya0NEZWxtZg==[/url]
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