Half Life (Good Old Games)(Gameplay)

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Título: Half-Life Gênero: Ação Desenvolvedor: Valve Distribuidora: Valve Data de lançamento: 8/nov/1998 ============================== SOBRE O JOGO / ABOUT THE GAME ============================== Half-Life (stylized as HλLF-LIFE) is a science fiction first-person shooter video game developed by Valve and published by Sierra Studios for Microsoft Windows in 1998. It was Valve's debut product and the first in the Half-Life series. Players assume the role of Dr. Gordon Freeman, who must fight his way out of a secret research facility after a teleportation experiment goes disastrously wrong, fighting enemies and solving puzzles. ======================= INSCREVA-SE / SUBSCRIBE ======================= Youtube: [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3QuY28vY1BGd3hxVGJLdA==[/url] Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpadGames Facebook: [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3QuY28vUmRya0NEZWxtZg==[/url]
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