Melhor Soundtrack ( Trilha sonora) de 2011: Assassins Creed

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After a marvelous year of soundtracks, scores and trailer music compositions it's time to show one of the years very best soundtracks to all of you in a best of mix featuring a wide range of Assassinc Creed Revelations Soundtrack composed by Lorne Balfe and Jesper Kyd. Enjoy the music and make sure to check out the whole soundtrack, since it has much more to offer than shown. I also wish you a happy new year and may the year 2012 be epic for all of you. ---------- honorable mentions ---------- The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim one of the best soundtracks ever composed for a video game. Sadly the copyright hunters are very "active" when it comes to uploading this music, thus I couldn't choose it. Thomas Bergersen - Album "Illusions" Bergersen made a huge step for our whole community. With his album "Illusions" he crossed the gap between trailer/soundtrack music and "real" music one can hear without any media bound to it. Thus allowing our beloved musical taste to swap out of theatres and gametrailers and reach your cd-collection at home. Thank you, Thomas Bergersen! Transformers 3 - Dark Of The Moon Steve Jablonsky once more composed a amazing score for the action festival Transformers. Still I think the score is not the strongest of all 3 movies (sadly). Of course, ALL honorable mentions are worth to be checked out ;)