(Fake) Dead Island movie trailer

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Créditos ao criador do vídeo: bloodrunsclear Based on the zombie fighting video game. -- The song is the official theme of the game composed by Savalas. Its surprisingly sombre for a game filled with graphic violence, but sets a unique tone I think. -- The game advertised itself the most effectively with a series of commercials playing up the tragedy of a vacation resort being destroyed by a zombie plague, most memorably with a trailer that ran backwards depicting a family's destruction in reverse edit. That to me was the most unique aspect of this game: the feeling that the zombies you fought had once been happy, healthy people trying to enjoy themselves. It would be a welcome departure in a zombie movie to see that portrayed, instead of zombies just being an excuse to gorily kill things. I'm not sure going by reviews the game ultimately captured the drama of its commercials, but it would be a refreshing take on a zombie film at least.
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