Battlefield 3 Gts 250 I3 2100 No Talo

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PC Specifications CPU:Intel® Core i3 2100 3.1ghz Memory: 2GB DDR3 Motherboard: POS-EIH61CE GPU: Geforce GTS 250/1GB/GDDR3/256BIT HDD: 250GBGB 32MB Buffer, 7200RPM Case: X-BLADES Settings Resolution: 1280*720 Graphics: Ultra Software Used Fraps 4.0 (For Recording) Sony Vegas (For Editing and intro) Frame Rate With Fraps : (MIN-30)-(AVG-30)-(MAX-30) Without Fraps : (MIN-45)-(AVG-59-in metro and 48 in other map)-(MAX-60) e sim, eu sai e entri no jogo denovo, para confirmar os graficos.
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