Batalha Final Só Fodões

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The final boss of Outland and definitely the hardest, rightfully so. The first thing to note is that the Warrior will be "spirit lifted" to the bottom of the arena on top of a floating platform. The platforms are divided into two circles: one going clockwise and the other counter clockwise. The Sisters will immediately attack by launching numerous spirt lances that constantly change color, depending on which Sister is attacking, and will continue to shot a barrage of orbs over the entire area. The Dark Sister starts off first, so immediately run to the left and take out the head of the lance. As the Sister's barrage continues to spiral the colors will change as well as the lances. After taking out the lances the Sisters will emerge from their shield. Phase two will have the outer platforms crumble as the Sisters spawn orbs around themselves. Simply go to the closest sister and attack. If going for Black make sure white orbs are active, vice versa. With the Sword of the Gods it will take 5 hits but without the blade it will take 10 hits for each sister to phase out. After they're both incapacitated the Sisters will enter Phase 3. Phase 3 resembles the first but this time the Spirit Lances are both in the inner and outer areas with a continuous barrage of orbs attacking rotating around. This is where having full energy bars becomes a must. Most in between a cluster of lances and activate the Energy Shield, this will absorb the orbs and preform an area attack that will one shot each lance within range. If the lance is not in plain view it will not be hit, even if it is close. Do this with each cluster as quickly as possible to enter phase 4. Phase 4 will have the Sisters emerge once more but without a constant spinning of smaller Red and Blue orbs. The idea remains the same when attacking the Sisters, simply remain cautious of the oncoming opposite color orb. Once each Sister is down the final phase will begin. The Final Phase has to be the most chaotic. The Sisters will launch the same Spirit Lances from Phase 3 but this time there will be a constant stream of lined orb attacks with different colors constantly attacking. This is where fast movements and Energy Shield are needed most. Wherever the warrior is, immediately use the Energy Shield to remove any close by lances and continue to each corner. Using the Energy Shield will give a small window to run to the next section and destroy any close by lances. If the Warrior has no energy left then the final phase will be a test of patience: slow and steady while keeping tracking of which color is attacking. If movements are too fast it will result in a quick death. Notes: The warrior here is using the Sword of the Gods which is unlocked after collecting all 42 Mark of the Gods. The blade doubles the warriors attack thus making the Sister Fight far quicker. The warrior also has max health upgrades and max energy upgrades. If the Sisters prove far too challenging, go back to previous areas and go back to areas that were not reachable to access upgrades and marks.