Gtx 260 - Battlefield 3 beta multiplayer gameplay

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Mostra que a gtx 260 roda tudo em High, nessa qualidade :P Compilation of me playing battlefield 3 beta on a quad core with nvidia GTX 260 with high settings and 4x antialiasing, ssao off. There is low, medium, high, ultra and custom settings. I'm using the 285.38 beta drivers. Those who've seen the recommended battlefield 3 specifications don't be put off by it because you can still get great visuals even on high settings using older graphics cards like GTX 260...well depending on the size of your monitor i use a 19inch :P Video was recorded using fraps so that reduced my gameplay a bit. sorry about the low bitrate as my internet upload speed is terrible so i reduced the size of the file. There are lots of bugs/glitches/artifacts seen through out the video. The gameplay is pretty smooth most of the time but at random times theres a bug that causes the game to become extremely laggy and sometimes crashes to desktop. This is just the beta so the game should be way more stable when its released in about a month
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