Assassin's Creed: W.A.R

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Song is "W.A.R" by DJ Pablo Hey look, another one. I never planned to make more of these AC videos, but between my love of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and the requests to make another... I couldn't resist! I chose this song since it's one of the few remaining genres the AC trailers haven't touched yet. This is breakbeat mixed with classical violin that I feel fits thematically with the game's modern day and Renaissance periods. The music, theme, and editing are more aggressive this time around but so is Ezio! His story is wrapping up for good soon so I wanted to do something with ol' Auditore as the focus. Plus, I already did the Altair/Ezio/Desmond thing in Beautiful Lies. Turns out, I accidentally predicted what Ubisoft was going to be doing in their next game with that. So it looks like I might just get to play that card again someday thanks to Revelations. Again, tough as hell to make, no developer tools to control cameras or set anything up. Brotherhood doesn't even use the same cinematic counter kills that the other AC games had. So I used lots of wonky tricks/exploits to get those panning shots synced up properly across Animus/RL. I don't recommend trying them yourself unless you're already bald. I hope you enjoy.
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