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"We've got everything you wanted." o.em.gee. WATCH IT IN HD PLEASE!! X_X ----------------------------------------------- Hey guys! for all the people who liked my other video "The Saltwater Room" you may be disappointed because this is TOTAL TOTAL opposite xD and for all the people that are not sure, I am a girl lol this song is just .. omg... epic.. When I first heard this I was just blown away, what great beats and excitement! and I LOVED editing with this song too, its been a while since I edited a dark atmosphere kind of vid :D I didn't edit the whole song, I don't think I have the patience, and the bridge in the song is way too intense for me to edit o-o; Theres no storyline, just editing fights from different game footages, follow the music and wha la! This is the last vid for the end of summer :'( I don't think Ill be editing for a while cuz of school, so one video for every P.A day and holiday? xD Anyways, enjoy! Song: ULTRAnumb - Blue Stahli Footage: Advent Children Complete, Final Fantasy 13 versus, Kingdom Hearts Deep Dive/ Another Side Another Story Program: Sony Vegas 9
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