Kane And Lynch Movie Trailer

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Im a huge Kane and Lynch fan and have wanted to see these great characters portrayed on screen since I first played the game back in 2007. Unfortunatey Hollywood is doing what it does best, namely getting every aspect of the source material wrong so I felt it was time to put my own vision out there. I had put a trailer out about two years ago but that was on my old account which got deleted so I decided to make another one from scratch. I tried to stuff as much as I possibly could from the game such as The7, Kane's dead son, Lynch's meds, Retomoto Tower, Venezuela, and a cameo from Brian Bloom, the guy who voices Kane in Dead Men and Dog Days. The only thing I changed was the loot. For me that seemed too "small time" so I went with a biological weapon which The7 want to sell to any country willing to protect them from the U.S. government, but Kane stashed it after believing The7 were dead. Hope that doesnt piss too many people off. Dont be surprised if i make more vids based on this concept. I hope you guys enjoy this one.