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PWNED #7 is a Battlefield 3 Special Exclusive access to DICE : Check under the hood of Battlefield 3 as we look at the brand new engine - Frostbite 2 and dig a little deeper. Revisit an old favourite from Battlefield 2 -- Strike at Karkand and more with Niklas Fegreaus, Lead Designer on Back to Karkand and David Spinnier, one of the original map designers on Battlefield 2 as they talk to us about those maps and how they will evolve in Battlefield 3. Lock and Load with Lead Weapons Designer, Alan Kertz as he discusses the Physical Warfare Pack and his weapon of choice. Lars Gustavsson, Creative Director takes us through the evolution of Battlefield from the original concept drawings for Battlefield 1942 all the way to the upcoming Battlefield 3. Stay Frosty. [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy5lYS5jb20vdWsvYmF0dGxlZmllbGQz[/url]
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