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Commanding Officer: Tank Bataillon Eastern Front will transport you to the hard-fought battle area of the Second World War Eastern Front - in breathtaking detail. Take your tank through several Operation Barbarossa missions and help to win desperate battles from Kiev to Stalingrad -- and all the way to Berlin. Different mission types will give you a game experience that has a world of variation and is historically authentic. From action-loaded and brutal attack missions to purely tactical missions in which you have to neutralize enemy positions, you must always try to remain cool under enormous pressure -while fighting against what often turns out to be vastly superior forces. The powerful combination of breathtaking landscapes and levels, tremendously detailed environments, awesome weather effects, realistic enemy behaviour and superb in-game effects will make this an unforgettable, pulse-racing experience for you. Prove your fighting abilities to yourself and others in the awesome tank battles on the Eastern Front of the Second World War -- with Commanding Officer: Tank Bataillon Eastern Front !!!
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