Dead Space 2 - Gameplay do Multiplayer

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Heya everyone, guess what, Dead Space 2! ZOMG! Heads up, this round is definitely not all-star material, I think I go like 8/24 - but there are a few cool moments I think you'll enjoy. Expect some more/better stuff as this week continues. So yea, Tuesday afternoon as the work day was winding down I was all stoked and ready to head home, pick up the game and kick some askhole... then life had to be a jerk. Held up for an extra 20 minutes at work, traffic on the way home, spent 30 minutes in GameStop, then I get home and my router is on the fritz, all the while a dull headache that had been creeping up on me all day finally broke into a vice-like pain. Awesome. So, I only played about 4 rounds, two of which I forgot to hit record on x.x It was just a mess of a night, BUT I've got day 1 content for ya so enjoy.
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