CS Condition Zero Deleted Scenes Review

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It's finally here! A review that was 3 (technically 2, I didn't start until December) months in the making. I sincerely apologize for it taking so long. Here's a laundry list of reasons on why it took so long: - Christmas and my Birthday, which are about a month apart. - Playing other games (like Crysis, which is fantastic and you should check it out) - Getting annoyed at the long process it took VirtualDub to convert videos to WMV (One video that's nearly a half-hour took SEVEN HOURS to convert!) - Recording more footage than I needed (then finding out there's one level I should've recorded, but decided to say "fuck it" as he recorded half of the levels anyway) - Suffering a problem in which my mother is in the hospital (at the time of this posting, February 3) - And lastly, overall laziness and procrastination. This is the game I hinted at. I remember hearing about it and playing it. I have a soft spot for it, and this game may not be for everybody (which is why I stress "no more than $10"). Surprisingly this is a hair over ten minutes, but YouTube accepted it anyway! (I believe the limit is actually 10:59, but 10 minutes is easier to the feeble-minded). I hope you guys enjoy. I will say this: If I do the next review, it will not take 3 months to do. Lastly, I apologize if I sound slurred or distorted. Either Vista just loves distorting my voice or my mic's dying. One of the two.
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