Shift 2 Unleashed Authenticity And Realism

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Racing is exhausting. Racing is violent. Racing is fluid. Racing is not muted, static or uninspiring. When you take to the track SHIFT 2 Unleashed for the first time, you'll feel a rush you've never felt before in another racing game. Top racecar drivers, including Tommy Milner, Edward Sandstrom and drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr. all spent a great deal of time with the team at Slightly Mad Studios, helping make SHIFT 2 Unleashed the most realistic racing game you'll ever play. If you wanted an authentic racing experience, look no further than SHIFT 2 Unleashed. The new 'helmet cam' view puts you inside the heads of the best racecar drivers, who are always plotting their next move on the track, and drifters, who need to avoid walls at all costs. As you'll see in this video, no detail was too minute, nothing was left to chance and every possible element of real racing was covered during the development of SHIFT 2 Unleashed. Take the most realistic racing game on the planet for a spin on March 29 and you'll see what we mean. SHIFT 2 Unleashed is real racing. *Pre-Order SHIFT 2 Unleashed?* [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2JpdC5seS9kT1U3MXM=[/url]
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