Red bull x1 prototype - o carro da formula 1 do futuro

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Envisager takes the Red Bull X2010 (formally known as the X1) for a spin around the Top Gear Track the fastest available car in Gran Turismo 5, it blasts around the Top Gear Test Track in 45.224 seconds here.. The car on this lap is running at 1470bhp and weighing a mere 545 kg. After the initial replay, check out the in-game live capture of this burning lap to see how fast your reactions have to be to control this beast! This car is available to win by unlocking and beating the Sebastin Vettel Challenge unlocked at level 30, or by reaching level 35 in A or B Spec The Top Gear test track is unlockable by getting Gold on the Beginner Special Challenge in GT mode. You can then use the track in Arcade Mode for Time Trials, Races and Practice mode.. Huge thanks to BeltaneDeath for the loan of the car!
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