Crysis Wars Fails

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A Crysis Wars Unexpected Humor. Similar to the one I made for Prototype; a random collection of interesting things that happened to me while I was playing Crisis Wars (Crisis multiplayer). Mostly, they involve me dying :P It helps to have played Crysis Wars so you know what's happening, but for the many people who haven't, I have a short list of the main knowledge necessary for understanding: 1: If you go into a room where vehicles are being assembled, you die. (clips 0:23, 1:00, 4:47, 3:38, 3:56, 3:30) 2: A VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) is a flying aircraft (more like a plane than a helicoptor) that can land and take off vertically. 3: VTOLs explode easily when you run into things :s 4: The nukes are fo destroying your opponent's base; they're good for killing huge numbers of enemies too :P 5: Objects that move (even if they are slow) do a high amount of damage to people (clip 3:13) 6: Runing into something (even the ground, if there's a hill) at high speeds easily causes death (clip 1:30) 7: There are 4 nanosuit powers: Stealth, Strength (higher jumps, less gun recoil), Shields, and Speed. 8: It looks like I was playing on basically one map, mainly because the server I played on was a 24/7 server for that map, but it was an unlimited money server (you can get any gun you want without having to have killed X number of players or captured X buildings). 9. Whever I die, the map pops up. It's annoying, but there's nothing I can do about it :/ Explanation of clip 1:15 There was a guy in our base, we were fighting previously to the clip (hence the damage done to my VTOL that I was repairing). He decided to come out and attack me. He used the spped power, ran into my VTOL, made it flip, it landed and exploed close to him, so I got a kill :D Ironically, this video is the first in which I added absolutely no music; everything you hear, I heard while I was playing the game.
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