Chicago Bulls x Los Angeles Lakers

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International Basketball Manager Season 2010-2011 Chicago Bulls - Los Angeles Lakers (c) Headup Games Protection ...: SecuROM v7.42.0001 Date .........: August 2763 Number of Discs .........: 1 GAME NOTES In International Basketball Mananger - Season 2010/11 players slip into the role of the manager of a basketball team and can select a team out of nearly 30 top European leagues and the North American professional league NBA. The player and club data is always current because they are subject to regular updates. In the game users archieve upgrading or building a new arena, the entire training and much more. In all kinds o ftasks of a manager, such as the viewing and undertaking new talents, the dynamic 3D mode the games of the own team can be observed live. While the play is going on, it is possible to intervene into play at any time, you can exchange players, set new tactical roadmap sets etc.
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