Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood Music-Video

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A music video i made for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. the song is the Doom 3 Theme for the glowing sword - its a cheat get? 100% Synch? in? Sequence1 then replay a memory? go to options? then cheats and u pick to enable the ones u want how to get the outfits in order Altair (from Assassin's Creed) - Uplay Raiden (from the Metal Gear Series) - Get a Bronze or better in all Virtual Training Challenges Helmschmied Drachen armor buy auditore edition or codex edition Dagger and Armor of Brutus-Find all six Keys of Romulus Florentine Noble Attire - uplay Desmond Costume - Beat Sequence 8 with 100% Synch
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