Arma 2 Wtf ?

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After messing around with the dance script I decided it would be fun to make a music video. If you are having trouble using the script, heres why: Remove the ( " ) from both sides of "Name of Unit". I apologies for the inconvenience. "Name of Unit" playMove "ActsPercMstpSnonWnonDnon_DancingDuoStefan"; or you can replace "DancingDuoStefan" with "DancingDuoIvan" or? "DancingStefan" Set to a trigger For those of you asking for the song. its called one fine day by the offspring. this will officially be the 4th spot on the freaking page where it tells you the name of the song. it says it on the top left of the video, at the start of the video, and below the description. if anyone asks for the song again, you are retarded.
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