Gameplay Rock Band Green Day (21 Guns)

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Okay, so for harmonies, I'm singing in two mics! The part where it says "throw up your arms into the sky" and there's a yellow vocal part that like, is going the same pitch as the blue, and you can CLEARLY see me hit both, but I don't get the orange half. It has to be super precise or on harmonies why I'm largely missing in this song, but I like singing it. It makes me sadface I kept fucking up and I was the one who prevented the fbfc sightread. Bleh. This song really is overplayed though, I wish it wasn't Hey guys! Just here uploading the Green Day dlc. Some of Dogmatic's videos (or just one) shit out and I was planning on doing this so yay! I actually really enjoyed 21 Century Breakdown. Not initially but after playing it on this game, I've come to appreciate it a lot more and as most or some of ytou should know, I've moved! So in moving, I listened to this album a lot of the way while driving here and it's really enjoyable. I liked it more I think because it's raining and the rain tends to make me appreciate things more. But maybe that's just me. I'm uploading these in the order from least liking to most liking, so no particular order. Awesome thanks to Dogmatic2021 on bass, nonzzero on guitar, and Splync on drums! This is like classic era Rock Band band. I remember we did Weezer and Foo Fighters and Billy Idol and Kaiser Chiefs and select GH5 songs... Those were the days I tell ya. Anyway, I'm on my sightread for every single one of these songs hah, I literally just bought them, but I know it wasn't just for videos... or was it? Not too bad I guess, made some dumb mistakes, but 21 Guns is hard in this game, what the fuck!
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