Shadow and Silver Watch Sonic Colors

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shadow759 | 6 de novembro de 2010 | 172 pessoa gosta, 8 pessoas não gostam The long awaited video is here and they watch two trailers =D Sorry it took awhile I am super busy with my life and I barley have time to do any thing.. Anyways hope you all enjoy the shadow and silver video lol. Some jokes had to be sadly cut due to how fast the trailer was moving... so I might make a video on the cut jokes since there was some... Also a tie in to who has the master emerald in the end. (also who could be under that suit?) Voices Shadow: Shadow759 Silver: Silverknux1991 Sega Shadow: Both Shadow759 and Silverknux1991 Pictures G-mod Sonic people and all that belongs to Sega. Obs: eita ctrl C ctrv bao.
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