Casus Belli (mod de Crysis) - Teaser

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Casus Belli scenario takes place in the world of Crysis, but is a realistic-like mod (no science fiction). D'ont expect to find any futuristic weapon, nanosuit or Aliens on this mod. The background of Casus Belli offers various battlefields such as Russia, Europe, Middle East and also North America in CB maps. You will no doubt like the countryside map "No bravery 1", nicely surrounded by corn fields, rivers, forests . But if you prefer industrial areas, well, we have for you "No bravery 2" and its large factories. Be sure that we will enhance the feeling of a world in conflict in our maps by including many different areas like deserts, harbors, forests... Casus Belli will also offer you urban maps with nice streets battles and building by building fights.
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