Men of War Assault Squad Commented 1

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Men of War Assault Squad Commented 1 is presenting the coming stand alone expansion Men of War Assault Squad. This expansion will feature many change that are noticeable both visually and gameplay wise. The gameplay as been completely rebalanced and now provide a believable and intense world war II battle experience. This video present the Skirmish mode that constitute the major part of the single-player and coop side of the game. This mode offer you to fight an enemy that will constantly try to push you back to your starting position. This lead to a gameplay that is very intense and randomized. You will rarely experience the same event each time you play. Each difficulty level also change a lot the experience you will have in the game. This video is recorded on easy difficulty. An interesting aspect of this game difficulty level is that is also help define how long you want to play. On easy you can certainly have a 30 min long battle, while on normal it probably would take you an hours. As for Hard and Heroic it can take a while! As for the presentation it was recorded as i was playing so I do make a few mistake, but it should be survivable. =)
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