Grand Theft Auto IV - Highlights of Failure 1

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*I highly recommend that you have Youtube annotations enabled.* A montage of my funny moments while playing online in GTA 4! I used Youtube annotations more than captions, mainly because of the changing camera positons; it'd be confusing to immediately know who I am and where I am if I used captions, not to mention the captions kept blocking too much of the bottom of the screen (and the putting them at the top of the screen feels weird; I tried it, but it was still confusing). So I used the YT annotations for all players in the game. I considered different colors for different people, but decided that'd be too distracting. The last good thing about YT annotations is that people can disable them if they find them annoying (I'm all about making viewers as happy as I can ^^). But, the fact that I didn't have recordings of people screaming ingame made this a very different style video than what I usually do. I didn't use some clips I would have if I could have recorded what people were saying, and I kept some clips I wouldn't have if I had voices recordable. It also allowed me to more heavily use music (music can oeverwhelm voice chat). I think it's a nice change. I made this video using the ingame recorder (similar to source recording). It has some good things, but mostly it's worse than source. It can't record voice chat or player's names. The hud isn't recorded, but I am able to have a lot more flexibility in my camera postions than when recording with source. Still, it forces me to have the logo in the bottom left and the words in the bottom right, which I don't like... Well, Kippesoep and Pyromaniac as well as others are in here, but you can't really tell who they are always; Pyromanic is easy; he's the guy in the white suit, with the black mask. I'm in a black suit with a black mask, and Kippesoep looks like a hobo (in my opinion :P). No staged clips; we had quite a few chase scenes like the helicoptor one, but that was the best. How'd you like my driving at 4:04 ? :D About the first clip: I had a couple people thinking I shot a rocket when the car drives by and we die from it's explosion. I want it clear that I did not shoot a rocket, and that the car hit by my grenade spontaneously exploded after it ran into us. Not sure how clear this is to people... I like choppers, so I made the whole "Big Brother" thing (a reference to the book "1984"). There's definitely better stunts out there than what I've got; but I had them saved, and I am not sure if I'm making a second GTA4 video, so I wanted to use them now. Thanks to Dinka Fox for getting me GTA 4 :D Music: Kirbys DreamLand3Canyon Remake by TheSoulOfTails Ryu versus M. Bison by PeterSatera DX:HR - 'Icarus' - E3 Trailer by Michael McCann
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