Remake do Trailer l4d2 The sacrifice

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A remake on Valves new awesome DLC trailer for The Sacrifice. Hope you are or will get thrilled for the DLC, cause i am :) I love the old survivors. I do NOT think the original trailer is anywhere near bad, it's awesome. I just want to test my editing skills and re-edit the trailer with fitting sound and another song. I say this turned out quite good but the original is still AWESOME! I could not find a great way to jump cut in the song, i don't really like the way it turned out but it was the best option. Don't complain about anything about "this does not fit the L4D style" because a remake is supposed to be a slight different style, got it? Also you should really put on your headphones and listen to small detail sounds I've added. Everything from Francis raging in the background to tanks punching their chest. About 8 hours of pure work. All salute Bill, the bad ass veteran! Enjoy :) Music: I don't know the name but here's the way i find it, and no i don't play that game but i follow that guys channel. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU1CW1prDwI[/youtube]
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