Gta Iv - Double Stunt - [hd]

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Stunt video on GTA IV pc with a "Double T custom" imported of Lost and Damned (original handling) with sparkIV, all the stunts are possible with a double T custom original from TLAD. (I'm fan of this awesome motorbike ! but actualy i can't buy EFLC for my pc... I'm a casual "fun" gamer, not a cheater !) - Double T custom Download link : [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy5ndGE0LW1vZHMuY29tL3ZlaGljbGVzL3RsYQ==[/url]... I hope you enfoy ! perhaps the first video of a serie ;-) - Voice actor : Salika & SkYn1X - Intro actor : Rock & me Bonus music: The clown from Freeplaymusic.com Sorry for some laggy footages... my pc don't like GTA IV lol :p Have FuN !! ps: I forget the little traduction in the video...
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