Gt5: Prologue - I Challenge You - F1 Ferrari F2007 Race

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This is a replay of a race I thought up and carried out myself. It's simple. I'm in the Ferrari F1 car and I've got some serious driving to do if I want to catch up in a two lap race starting a lap behind. Can you complete the challenge as well? Are you good enough? Rules: - You are in the Ferrari F1 Car - You're racing against category 1 cars - Must be a 2 Lap Race around High Speed Ring (normal direction) - You must start from the pit lane start line as in the video - You can only set off when the AI cars are next to you. You can have any setting on the car you want, however I did this with R3 tyres, no driving line, no traction control, no ASM, no active steering, and manual transmission. If you post a video response of your attempt be honest with what you used. Nobody really cares anyway, we all just like a good video :) So, post your 'video responses' to show what you can do, whether you almost got it or trounced it, I'd like to see your attempts win or lose! If you're particularly good try the same rules with category 2 cars or above! ;) Enjoy mastering the Ferrari F2007! Sponsored by gmgaming.org
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