(FAKE)The Saboteur movie trailer

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Based off the video game of the same name, Pandemic Studio's final game. - The song is by Flogging Molly, called What's Left of the Flag. - The Saboteur concerns the adventures of an Irish race car driver turned resistance fighter Sean Devlin in occupied Paris, seeking both the freedom of Europe from the nazi menace and also revenge against the Kraut who murdered his friend and cost him the Grand Prix. How does he do this? By blasting every nazi structure, assassinating every nazi officer, freeing every POW, wooing every Parisian lass, and drinking every alcoholic beverage he can find. - The movie Paris 36 was PERFECT for this trailer (the right sort of hat and everything!) The other scenes which look like live action for the video game (the scene of the 'lady of the evening' putting Sean's hat on the bed post, the scene of Sean adjusting his hat before leaving a building) are indeed live action commercials released to promote the video game.
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