GTS450 rodando crysis

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Here is an idea how Crysis will play on the Nvidia GTS 450 1GB ( PNY ) Decent frames per second (25-30fps without FRAPS recording) so long as you're on lower resolution (1680X1050 or lower) Card really struggles at my monitors native 1920X1200. I found that running it in 720p seemed to get the best performance, but I prefer running it at 1440X900 resolution. All settings are "Gamer" quality with water set at "Enthusiast" (High and Ultra) System setup Gigabyte MA790X-UD4P AMD Phenom 9600 X4 2.3GHz 8GB DDR2 1066 OC to 1333 BFG Tech GS550 550W power supply Western Digital Caviar 640 Black Edition Retail Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Antec 900 case o video não e de minha autoria
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