Darksiders VS Dante's Inferno Montage

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Darksiders: PC,XBOX 360,PS3 Dante's Inferno: XBOX 360,PS3,PSP. Darksiders: The game portrays is a Revelation, already written in the Bible. The game is set in a futuristic senario during an apocalypse, in which angels and demons fought a battle on earth, and who suffers the consequences we are humans. The apocalypse was to happen later but one of the four apocalyptic horsemen, unintentionally causes the apocalypse ahead, thereby making the fight happen sooner. The four horsemen apocatipticos are named: War, Famine, Plague and Pestilence, (these horsemen of the apocalypse come to destroy everything.) In the game we controlled the War, after his bullshit committed, he is attacked by a monster and only wakes up 100 years later, with the Humans nearly extinct, hunted by Heaven's War, and feared through hell, war is not on either side , He leaves on a journey with a mission to bring the balance, thereby leaving the Angels in Heaven, and Demons in hell. Dante's Inferno: Dante was a warrior, with a greater force doque the other soldiers, he was the best soldier that existed during the end of a battle, Dante has a sexual relationship with ua prisoner of war, the wife of Dante discovers and takes an oath with the Devil, after the oath, she is killed and his soul is taken with the devil, as a sex slave, then Dante part to the nine circles of hell looking for his wife during the game his wife had eaten something (a seed pomegranate) and so she would stay in hell 6 months and 6 months away. The game is an imitation of the god of war, the left is dead, and the story of Persephone. like god of war, appears in the fianl: To Be Continue
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