Darksiders PC Brutal Gameplay - Maxed Out

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O video não é meu, Ja tenho o jogo e é muito mas muito leve. Better gameplay, then the first one i uploaded. Skidrows version running on windows XP! Nice game, pretty fair graphics. At the begining the controlls are a bit weird, but you get used to them after 30 minutes. It seems like a combination of couple of games (prototype, overlord, god of war, hulk, etc), with an unique look and story. Lag appears some places, because i don't have an extreem high end pc... With fraps recording i get 20-25 fps, and without 60-80 fps. MY system specs : Processor : AMD Phenom 9750 X4 2,4 GHz Video Card : Nvidia Geforce 9600GT gddr3 512mb Ram : 2x1 Gb 800mhz Kingston Power supply : 500 w Enjoy and don't be an idiot!
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