Sephiroth VS Genesis

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[url]hide:aHR0cDovL2phcnl0aC5uZXQvQ0MvZW5nL3ZpZGVvLw==[/url] For more videos. We are in luck! To everyone that wanted to know how Genesis sounded in English here you are! The epic fight between Angeal Genesis and Sephiroth! :D In English. Now, you may ask why this is much higher quality then my normal stuff, and that is because I did not recored or Encode this. An awesome person by the name of sayde did. Some people may remember him, as he was the one that ripped all the FMV's from the Japanese Copy of the game. Well hes back and he did the English! I asked him and he gave me permission to put this up. Everyone thank him!! :D Ill still be putting up (lesser, crappier quality) videos of my own. (Crisis Core, Final Fantasy and all of the names/Characters/Ideas within are Copyright Square Enix. I hold no ownership over this video, other then the fact that I was the one that uploaded it.)
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