Reign of The Disruptors (Half-Life 2 Machinima)

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HALF LIFE This is my second video for Machinima.com that features original music created, written and preformed by me. Visually, it may be my best yet. I will let you decide. This one is more of a rap style song, but it is meant to be funny. I did this for the fun and challenge of trying to make Kleiner and Eli look like gangsters. I edited the skins myself. I chose orange and black as their colors to try to match the HEV suit Gordon Freeman wears. I am not going to make the skins available for now, as I may make a sequel to this in the future if you all enjoy it. Their hideout is the cs_militia map in Counter-Strike and there is one map from HL2 Deathmatch, other then that it was all shot in the original Half-Life 2 maps using Garry's Mod. I do the lip sync in Source SDK Face Poser. Special thanks to everyone who uploads content to garrysmod.org, where I find most of my custom tools, maps and models. That is where I found the car, the replacement model for Alyx (Korin), and the Catmull-Rom camera tool. If you don't care for rap, stay tuned, because my next one will be completely different. I am planning more of an alternative/metal song that will likely take place in Ravenholm. Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy it! DIRECTOR'S WEBSITE [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy5yYXlrb2Vmb2VkLmNvbS9NdXNpYw==[/url]