Modern Warfare 2 On Gt 220

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Gameplay on nvidia gt 220!!! This is a very nice video card for a budget gamer!! ========================== WITH FRAPS RECORDING LOWEST FPS= 25 HIGHEST FPS=70 ========================== WITHOUT FRAPS LOWEST FPS=41 FPS HIGHEST FPS=91 FPS (this is the games maximum frame rate allowed) ========================== This really is a nice graphics card!! MY SPECS= Quad Core Q8300 @ 2.55 GHz (stock) Nvidia gt 220 1 GB GDDR3 750 GB Hard drive @ 7200 rpm (I have another 750 GB external HD, and I'm going to install another hard drive when my warranty expires within a year on this computer.) 8 gigs of DDR2 ram I probably will upgrade the graphics card in a good year or so, but this video card definitely makes me happy :D Subscribe! (Yes I know I am a little bit geeky, but I like geeky stuff :D)
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