Mortal komedy

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If you enjoyed this one, you should take a look to the first one.- [youtube]http://mx.youtube.com/watch?v=84txYL0wadI[/youtube] And don't forget to watch too the Amingo Special Edition one too.- [youtube]http://mx.youtube.com/watch?v=5a6gECC7E2g[/youtube] After 2 months of hard working, fixing bugs, perfectioning animations. and ripping sprites, it's finally done. This is my 60th submission for Youtube, and my third Mortal Kombat Kuickie Video (counting the first one and the Amingo Special Edition). Due to many issues showed with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, the fact to use that program for the making of Mortal Kombat Kuickies Videos was discarded. In other words, I abandoned Premiere CS3 for making sprites videos, so, instead of that, I found more useful Adobe Flash CS3 for the making of sprites videos. Adobe Flash threads better sprites and sounds and it consumes less resources. Basically, Adobe Flash is better on that and maybe I'll use it for future sprites movies. Right now, pleas enjoy this second instantment of Mortal Kombat Kuickies, and please, be fair, because I spend a lot of time and days working on it, and I really put a lot of effort for make it great and better that the first one. So, enjoy it! WARNING.- Maybe loud sound and music. The following list have the movies and shows that have some of their characters featured on this second instantment of Mortal Kombat Kuickies 2.- Kung Fu Panda Ranma 1/2 Marvel VS Capcom 2 Capcom VS SNK 2 Pokemon Dragon Ball Series Kirby Series Super Smash Bros Series Wall-E Mortal Kombat 1 Mortal Kombat 2 Mortal Kombat 3 Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 And many others! I will work in the flash later for making it interactive, and maybe, it will be soon on Newgrounds! Also, finally, I get my Kung Fu Panda DVD, and that's mean that more Kung Fu Panda videos are coming! :D Special thanks.- Dreamworks Pictures (For make awesome 3D movies like Kung Fu Panda) Ed Boon and John Tobias (They create Mortal Kombat) Man of Action (He create Ben 10) Sound Forge 8.0 (Volume ampliflier) Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (Sprites animation, BGM, movements, etc.) Vegas 8.0 (Video Format Conversion and Credits) Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Great help in sprites editing and animations) Mortal Kombat Warehouse (Because their sprites ripping, this movie is possible) Sprites Database (Because their sprites ripping, this movie is possible) The Dreamslayer (For riping Marvel Vs Capcom 2 sprites) Fighters Factory (Great help in animations). Cartoon Network (For bring everybody amazing series like Ben 10, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Ranma One-half, etc.) Ben-10.net (For encoding and sharing Ben 10 episodes) Namco (For made Tales of Symphonia) TheMummyOfHeatfreak ,xVxShinoxVx, Taniko999, ByKanonGoldens, and Smosh (their videos are a great inspiration for my videos) Cannonbolt (For being so funny and so cute) ;) Akane Tendo (For being so beautiful and so cute, even if Ranma said the opposite) ;) Po (For being so fatty and so cute) ;) NOTE 1.- I don't own neither the clips or the music, only the way that were conformed this video. NOTE 2.- No more request to my mail, please. Download link coming soon! NOTE 3.- Post too much comments and response, remember, all your comments, requests and replies help me in get better my videos style and qualities, and anything is really appreciated. I don't know if I gonna have some free time to make videos, but I'm sure I can make my best If I can. And this time is FOR REAL. Thinks are getting complicated for my time, but don't worry, I'll continue making videos and uploading them, maybe not as often as now, but I'll try. Just can I say is that I have some unfinished business and I have to get rid of them. NOTE 4.- Requesters, please wait, I would take in count your suggestions and I'll do some proyects when I can, trust me. (If you can send me some of your cilps by my GMail, it's gonna help a lot for create your requests). NOTE 5.- Please, continue voting for the Ben 10 character that would be the chosen one for the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive video.- [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy5wb2xsZGFkZHkuY29tL3AuYXNwP3A9Mzk3MzU=[/url] Greeting from Puebla, Mexico, and good luck in voting! CP's Big Brotherotaku and Ben 10: The Abridged Series coming soon!
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