Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing (PART I)

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Like the vid? Click Save to: Favorites! Full credits: [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2NvcnJpZG9yLWRpZ2l0YWwuY29tL2Zyb3plbmNyb3NzaW5n[/url] An unofficial tribute to one of our favorite game franchises of all time: Call of Duty. This film was made for the princely sum of $209.42. Now you can finally see what we were working on in the Portal vid! Hope you enjoy what we've been chugging at here at our loft for the last three days! Also if you're a super nerd, Spectre gets four kills but he has Hardline equipped. That's why he can call in the Predator missile. Duhhhhh. Also no need to CG fake breath when you're filming at -20 degrees F Part II is actually coming! It's shot and we're working on post production now. Look for it in the near future. We are not authorized, nor affiliated in any way with Activision or Infinity Ward. Just some dudes with computers! DIRECTED BY Niko Pueringer & Sam Gorski VISUAL EFFECTS / MUSIC / POST BY Corridor Digital (our company!) PRODUCED BY James Sicignano SOUND DESIGN BY Freddie Wong SPECIAL EFFECTS BY Brandon Laatsch SPECTRE Voiced by Daz Crawford, Played by Jake Watson DUST Voiced by Robert Hooven, Played by Drew Martin HQ Heldine Aguiluz ANJA ALESKARI Lisa Catara BADDIES David Lovett, Brandon Laatsch, Carson Laatsch, Rhett Reynolds ADDITIONAL VOICE WORK Kevin McMahon GEAR PROVIDED BY Brandon Rickert (b_rik) & Anthony Boone (Fatal) SPECIAL THANKS Think Big Productions, MNAirsoft.org, Valters Aviation, Moms and Dads