Gta Iv: The Coffee Mugger

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This is an absolute piece of crap that I suddenly thought up of. GET IT? HIS NAME IS COFFEE MUGGER. AS IN COFFEE "MUG"! HAHAHAHAHAHASDFAJSGejrha0j! No. Starring Dr. Kenneth Nosewater (whoever gets the reference wins a cookie), the constantly voice-changing protagonist who looks like a homosexual version of Roman, and the Coffee Mugger, some random kid from Jersey thinking he's all cool and shiz. *Note that some of the clips such as the elevator arrow pointing and the bonus scene are NOT in widescreen, chill out bro, this is my first time using HD widescreen for a mediocre film. Enjoy, unsub, etc. Yes, the person at the bonus scene represents all who follow his word. This is my remastered version of that. Which is outright disgusting.