GTa IV new car code

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Disclaimer: I do not own Grand Theft Auto IV, it is copyright and property of Rockstar North And Take2Games. This video is for entertainment purposes only! i had a video up of this car before but it didn't have the ghost buters paintjob and siren on the top now for some reason the author released a ghost buster version of his car after i made my first video any connection? i may be a bad driver but you know how hard it is to drive in cinimatic view? i taken advices from others to show damage so each min of each my videos shows complete destruction this time using a more effective and faster way sound is still out of sync couse i don't know how to use fraps and encode and upload to youtube couse i have fraps full version NOTE:reason why the video is like 10 min long is becouse this video was never meant as what it is now it was meant to just show features of the car and i thout it would be fun to have the song running however i made a new ghostbusters video only 4 min long with the siren running aswell so please watch that one if you like this one also thankyou everyone for the ratings and views NOTE:youtube can and will mute this video at any time they desire if you see the video has been muted please tell me and i will unmute it or if not just upload it on vimeo Update:i been getting tons of requests where to download this car and i havn't got time to answer them so sorry to everyone that asked since everyone is to lazy (no offence) to just google the car here is a download link [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy5ndGFpbnNpZGUuY29tL2VuL2Rvd25sb2FkLnBocD9kbz1kb3dubG9hZCZpZD0yMzY1OQ==[/url] by:boow i do not know anyones antivirus programs and how they work so theres a minor chance some weird antivirus program will show this up as virus (very small chance) just so everyone knows #62 - Most Discussed (All Time) - Howto & Style - Sweden #55 - Most Viewed (All Time) - Howto & Style - Sweden #68 - Top Favorited (All Time) - Howto & Style - Sweden #26 - Top Rated (All Time) - Howto & Style - Sweden Statistics: A Oct 25, 2009 First referral from related video - Grand Theft Auto The Ballad Of Gay Tony Vehicles 3,260 B Sep 23, 2009 First view on a channel page 6,568 C Sep 02, 2009 First view from a mobile device 5,072 D Aug 21, 2009 First featured video view 31,824 E Jul 30, 2009 First embedded on - [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy5tZXJpc3RhdGlvbi5jb20=[/url] 4,022 [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy5tZXJpc3RhdGlvbi5jb20vdjMvZGVzX2FydGljdWxvLnBocD9waWM9R0VOJmlkPWN3[/url] [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy5tZXJpc3RhdGlvbi5jb20vdjMvZGVzX2FydGljdWxvLnBocD9waWM9R0VOJmlkPWN3[/url] F Jul 28, 2009 First embedded on - [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy52aWRhZXh0cmEuY29t[/url] 9,311 [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy52aWRhZXh0cmEuY29tLw==[/url] [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy52aWRhZXh0cmEuY29tL2FjY2lvbi9lbC1jb2NoZS1kZS1sb3MtY2F6YWZhbnRhc21h[/url] [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy52aWRhZXh0cmEuY29tL3JlY29yZC8xMA==[/url] [url]hide:aHR0cDovL3d3dy52aWRhZXh0cmEuY29tL3JlY29yZC8yMA==[/url] G Jul 27, 2009 First embedded on - kotaku.com 16,189 [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2tvdGFrdS5jb20vNTMyNDIzMS93aG9zLW5pa28tYmVsbGljLWdvbm5hLWNhbGw=[/url] [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2tvdGFrdS5jb20v[/url] [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2tvdGFrdS5jb20vNTMyNDIzMS93aG9zLW5pa28tYmVsbGljLWdvbm5hLWNhbGw/YXV0b3Bs[/url] [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2tvdGFrdS5jb20vP3A9Mg==[/url] H Jul 26, 2009 Other / Viral 6,978 I Jul 26, 2009 First embedded on - ghostbustersnews.com 4,781 [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2dob3N0YnVzdGVyc25ld3MuY29tL2hlYWRsaW5lcy5waHA/c3ViYWN0aW9uPXNob3dmdWxs[/url] [url]hide:aHR0cDovL2dob3N0YnVzdGVyc25ld3MuY29tL2hlYWRsaW5lcy5waHA/c3ViYWN0aW9uPXNob3dmdWxs[/url] Jul 26, 2009 First referral from YouTube search - grand theft auto 4 4,018 Enjoy!
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